I began my undergraduate degree at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in September 2009. The undergraduate programme explored different approaches to the design process through a variety of projects from Full Size builds to analytical drawing. Several of the project briefs were set by real clients such as the Salt Factory project in third year, in collaboration with Peacock Salt, which allowed for a more thoroughly developed brief and more detailed client feedback.

       During my year out I worked for Sasanbell Architects, now Corstorphine Wright, in Glasgow on several renovation projects including office refurbishments and the interior restructuring of a listed college building. 

      My work towards the Diploma in Architecture, 2015-2017, was focused around the central theme of restoration, building on my experience during my year out. I wrote my dissertation on the differences between tenements in Glasgow and New York, and was lucky enough to meet Zaha Hadid at the New Yorker festival while researching the project. My main project in Stage 4 was the Athaneum of urban farming, where I explored the idea of reuse, both in the function of the building but also in its form. In Stage 5 I continued this theme of restoration in my thesis which focused on the idea of the architectural promenade, to reestablish the western edge of Madrid and create new connections within that part of the city.


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